Simple Steps To Manage Any Conflict

Learn how to transform conflict into the gift that just keeps on giving!

Have you been hurt by being in conflict?

Are you tired of feeling agitated or in turmoil?

Would you like to perceive and manage conflict in a new way when conflict comes around again?

Awaken Your Inner Peacemaker is about shifting your perception about change and conflict. You don't have to be a victim or a bully, and conflict doesn't have to keep you stuck. This mini-book will guide and empower the peacemaker within you.

This palm-sized mini-book is designed for the busy fast-paced lives we live. The 32-page, 3.5” by 5” size format is a quick study and fits in your shirt pocket or small purse.

Alberta Fredricksen's mini-book is large in concept. Conflict is not a zero sum game which someone must win and another must lose but rather a catalyst for growth and change. Alberta's insight into the dynamics of conflict are indispensable for those who truly desire to make a difference in the polarizing times in which we live.
- Michael McCann

When you’re ready for more, you can access a FREE online environment for expanded information, tools and resources on awakening your inner peacemaker!

What the world needs now more than ever is Peace and a way to engage in the practical process of getting it. In this mini-book, Awaken Your Inner Peacemaker, Alberta Fredricksen shows you that process. Let her guide you out of the labyrinth of conflict. Peace must come.
- Brian Emmanuel Grey, co-author of Why We Do What We Do and The Psychology of Success

Alberta Fredricksen, an expert in conflict management, teaches simple effective steps for dealing with conflict in any kind of relationship: at home, with friends, on the job, at volunteer endeavors, or anywhere life takes you.

Visit Alberta's website for free conflict management resources and conflict resolution tools.

Alberta Fredricksen provides the perfect tools to create stronger and more fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life. Her wise and practical tips should be a part of everyone's survival kit.
- Patricia Spadaro, author of Honor Yourself, The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving

Awaken Your Inner Peacemaker - keys to being confident and effective in conflictIn Awaken Your Inner Peacemaker, you will gain...

  • A greater understanding of the real nature of conflict
  • Tools to move beyond disagreements
  • Confidence to engage in problem-solving
  • Strategies to create lasting forgiveness

Helping others manage conflict more effectively is a passion for Alberta Fredricksen, a conflict management and spiritual life coach and consultant.

"Alberta is the consummate peacemaker. Her demeanor exudes peace. She has a phenomenal understanding of the nature of conflict, how conflict is a part of living, [and] how to manage it for good [results]. Her public presentations on conflict management are unique and very applicable. Her knowledge of the world of human resource management has been invaluable in the non-profit world in which I serve. As Executive Director of several of these organizations, I have relied on her HR and conflict management expertise to put them on firm foundations. Frankly, I do not know what I would have done without her. She is definitely one of a kind."
- Bozeman, MT

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And remember, everyone gets access to the added resources in the special Online Environment absolutely FREE!

If you have chosen to consider the messages in this book, you will find great value in the wisdom and techniques shared here. Experiencing peace is a most vital aspect in both our quality of life and our current stage of human evolution. Sharing it with others is the next.
- Sue Alexander, Executive Director International Academy of Natural Science

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Alberta's 'mini-book' has 'maxi-benefits.' The condensed format may best be diluted and assimilated only by careful concentration, meditation and reflection.
- Thomas Mosser

More Awaken Your Inner Peacemaker Testimonials

I love this book! It is a gem of profound understanding in simple and easy to read language. Alberta succinctly provides keys to being masterful with conflict. She shows how natural the dance of life can be when you engage fully and with your inner peacemaker awake and ready for the opportunities life presents to exercise this aspect of the real self. Read it and be transformed!
- Caroline Hanstke, co-author of Why We Do What We Do and The Psychology of Success.

This book gives us the keys we need to navigate challenging times without losing our balance or greater sense of purpose. It helps us reconnect to our inner peace maker so we can heal and transform crises into opportunities for self-transformation.
- Therese Emmanuel Grey, co-author of The Inner Family Archetypes: Building Loving Relationships Through Divine Self-Awareness

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book! Facing and resolving conflict is an area in which we can all improve our skills, and the topic is broadly covered with specific courses of action to follow.

I was especially struck by the concept of forgiveness being a conscious choice. There are many valuable gems in this book. I recommend it!
- Nancy Showalter, author of Quantum Living: Keys for Transformational Change

If you wish to be aware, feel empowered, live relationally, be effective and experience inner harmony and peace in the midst of change, then ponder Alberta's brief, clear presentation and make it your own. Enjoy and use this very portable guide through daily life.
- Mary Ellen Gearty, Holistic Health Practitioner

This little book is a concentrated peace pill! Short enough to read on the flight home, it provided me with some key tools to handle the inevitable conflict that happens when eight independent-minded siblings gather together. We always hoped for great times, but usually three days into the holidays some spark would go off. Using the strategies and conflict management steps Alberta provided, we were able to diffuse situations and clear the air. By managing the conflicts, we've become a tighter family and look forward to our holidays.
- DK Montana

About Alberta Fredricksen

Alberta FredricksenAlberta Fredricksen loves coaching and teaching! Her specialized training and life experiences have provided an amazing repertoire of choices, conflict management tools, strategies, formulas and stories. Her real life stories of successes and seeming failures add to the Tool Box she offers you for pre-paving and moving through the energies conflict provides. She can facilitate your understanding of just how natural conflict is and how it can be a creative force for change, empowerment and transcendence.

Alberta's great background as a human resource administrator, educator, executive coach, trainer, consultant, mediator and minister has given her many experiences working in both cooperative and adversarial circumstances representing and training diverse individuals and groups, including:

  • One on One customized coaching and counseling for spiritual and personal growth, and conflict management,
  • Consulting for small entrepreneurial business owners and employees,
  • Service and program development of a community mediation center on the Board of Directors,
  • Facilitating communication and policy development for board of directors members and staff for non-profit and public organizations,
  • Providing ministerial counseling, coaching and consultant services for leadership of faith organizations with international participants,
  • Administering all levels of grievance resolution for public institutions,
  • Negotiating and mediating while advocating for both labor and management representatives,
  • Ombudsman - advising employers and employees (as individuals and organized unions),
  • Instructing public school students, administrators, teaching faculty and other school employees in 4 major school districts and state-wide educational organizations,
  • Instructing university students preparing to teach and also returning educators and administrators seeking advanced degrees, and
  • Supervising training programs and grievance procedures for employees and inmates in a state prison.